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Automotive part

Multi-machine Press lines, Multi-station Presses, Progressive-die Press Lines, blanking press lines, General Presses, etc.

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Home Appliance Part

Multi-station Press Line, Progressive die Press Line, Multi-machine Press Line,etc.

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Motor Part

Single-point Press, Double-point Press, Three-point Press, and Four-point High-speed Press,etc.

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Air-Condition Fin

Yadon is the first professional manufacturer of multi-purpose, systematic and large-scale R&D in China.

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Hot Forging Press

At present, the maximum capacity of hot forging press is 8000T, Schuler technology of servo direct drive electric screw .

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Powder Compacting

Powder compacting Press, Powder Trimming Press, the maximum capacity of the forming machine is 800T.

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Can lid Packing

High-speed Press for the riveting process of can lid and ring-pull, and press for aluminum box of food packaging.

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Yadon is a subsidiary of German SCHULER in China. As a global middle-end supplier of press machine. Yadon manufacture different types of presses, which including mechanical press, high-speed punches, forging, powder forming, press remanufacturing, etc., applying in automotive, home appliances, hardware, motors, electronics, rail transit, and aviation. Aerospace and other industries provide a wealth of stamping and forging solutions.

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